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World of Dorkness

Reading davywavy's journal lately, it almost makes me long for the days of yore when my olde-world Gangrel was wandering around the wildes of Northeast Ohio looking for ways to make peace among everybody.


It seems like the World of Darkness is much more civilized over there. Either that, or I'm just in a bad locale for it alltogether. With Akron games not being able to last more than 3-4 months before some unfortunate incident breaks it up, (Police don't understand what's going on... GM beats up his GF and is run out of town... Invaded by twinks...) that leaves Kent.

Now, a little hunting and pecking comes up with the following:

(Ripped from here.)

"Editor's Note: And while we're on the subject of supernatural populations, if you read enough White Wolf books, you get the feeling that 98% of the Earth's population is made up of Vampires, Werewolves, Wraiths, Mages, and Changelings. They're all waging this secret war for the benefit of one old guy named Henry living in a cramped apartment in Kent, Ohio. Or is it just me?"

Between that comment right there, made by a Floridian, and my first-hand experience with the city in question, have the twinks in the games in that city actually become infamous? I knew the city was a bad place to put an actual character into when I found out the Uni's library got demolished via combat in EVERY SINGLE LARP ever played there. (I am not exaggerating. I had been in five, and all of them had a session whose Player's Meeting started "The library, that building over there, is still smouldering and has a large hole in the side / is missing the top 3 floors / is now just a foundation.") Between that and an actual great LARP with a plot, subplots galore, and great players being invaded by the Twinks from the other game (Who our GM was naive enough to trust when they said "We won't twink!") who wouldn't leave and eventually had a Garou call the sun down into the center of the campus in the middle of the night.....

Yeah. That last game? After the sun got called down, a senior player who came up from Columbus asked afterwards for a show of hands as to how many players had elder-level stats. I was playing an actual elder (300 years old, former Primogen of Akron, and with EARNED status up the wazoo), and I think I was the only one whose hand wasn't in the air. That very night, my characters and my White Wolf books went into a box and haven't been looked at since.

*edited to add flavor* Yum!
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