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Daily Post for no particular reason.

Must... Come... Up... With... Topic!

Uhm... ... ... ...

Anyone want my GPG public keys? Signing your e-mails is the "cool" thing now. You want to be 1337, right?

Seriously. Encryption should be propagated now. Make it a normal, everyday part of life. We're no longer allowed to send unencrypted e-mails without the FBI being able to snoop on them with no warrant. We're no longer allowed to make phone calls without the FBI snooping on them with no warrant. Everyone's a suspect and Checks and Balances are now unchecked and unbalanced. Let's at least make it difficult on them.

Call me insane if you like, but personal freedoms and liberties is what this country was founded on, and what many of our ancestors died to protect. And now terrorism and a reactionist government is trying to take that away. And don't forget big businesses, too... I lost the link right this second, but the MPAA has actually used the PATRIOT Act to subpoena the bank records of someone they wanted to charge with copyright infringement. The case outside of that, while valid, is a bit ludicrist. (The website in question complied with a Cease & Desist, and has actually shilled for the TV series in question since, selling almost $100,000 of DVD sets for them.) However, that use was not the intended use of the PATRIOT Act. I'm not 100% sure, but I think that's even a forbidden use of the PATRIOT Act.

If I had the money, I'd offer a bounty for every encrypted e-mail I recieve. However, I don't. Damnit, why can only the rich buy influence to get their way? Oh, yeah... that whole "rich" thing. ;P

Well, enough ranting for one day. I'm going to check the server logs, pack up the laptop, and get the heck outta Dodge in my Oldsmobile. :)
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