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Yet another work post!

Okay. First off:

My affinity for electronic devices had better pay off tonight. One 1,000 Watt PA amplifier. One 100 Watt Monitors amplifier. Two 2x15+Horn cabinets. One 2x10+Horn cabinet. Cables as appropriate. 2 Vocal Mics, 2 Drum Mics, and a Keyboard. Can I do it? Can I figure out how to hook it up for a gig with no prior experience? Oh, and can I get my wireless working properly? Only time shall tell. Unfortunately, aforementioned time is tonight. No room for error, as we setup after all the music stores and most Radio Shacks are closed. Luckily, the band we're opening for has some PA experience.


I think I know why that quote was so familiar sounding. Though it came off of a "Tech Horror Stories" site, I think it was actually from the Wiz Zumwalt series. Though, it's been a while since I've read through those. I need to read them again after I'm done with Cryptonomicon. (On page 525! I'm still making progress!)


Here at work, we use Ivory-color wall outlets, switches, and coverplates. Of course, I find this out after I order all the outlets for the addition, all in Almond. Time to call and grovel. ;P
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