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Had a conversation with elf-chan this morning. Good to hear from her, as I was getting worried. Apparently she's been busy, and never really thought about responding to my messages since she felt no response was needed for most of them. Will probably look into a weekend visit for her birthday, as going multiple years without seeing her is a bad thing. (Plus at the rate she's going, she's going to be downright svelte by then.)

Meanwhile, on other fronts, I'm in the process of working up a system specification sheet for the new systems here at DermaMed. Back to picking out Motherboards, Hard Drives, etc. I'm going to shoot for universal build sheets, so that I can just make a Ghost restore image on the server and just restore from those if needed. It looks like I could be pulling network wire by the end of the week, and hopefully will know by then if/where I'm getting an office. Once the addition is done, the 1000VA APC (Hopefully doubled over by then) and both servers are going in the same room as me, with a 4-port KVM and a ton of network outlets, and a workbench, too! I'm probably going to go ahead and finish the K6-II system I have at home to use as a BDC / Image Storage. Then we'll be closer to a real network, with a PDC / File Server / SQL Server, a BDC with drive image storage, and a backup / timeclock server.

And once I get my office, I'm pouring myself into the task of developing some nifty SQL / PHP tools for around the office, including, but not limited to, a scheduling calendar for Production and Shipping / Recieving, a product catalogue / Price sheet for the boss to start using so he doesn't have to play around with Excel files all the time, and doesn't have to print up new copies for everyone in the plant. Then I'll move on from there and try to get an inventory and invoicing proggie done. And then, if I'm feeling really confident and/or snarky, bring e-mail and the website in-house. At which point, between the intranet, website, and everything else, my conversion to a full-time IT person will be complete. Or at least that's the plan....
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