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The Amazing Spider-Man

Saw it last night at the Highland Theater.

First, the Theater. Rennovated in 2001, then closed less than a year later, it just re-opened about a month ago. Absolutely gorgeous theater, with one GIANT screen. This is the way Movies were meant to be played, not this "Multiplex" stuff that you see all over the place with screens barely bigger than some big-screen TVs. Complete with the rows and rows of flashing incandescent and neon bulbs on the marquee outside and luxurious seating. The pictures on the virtual tour above are apparently pre-reopening, as they have straightened things up a bit more.

Second, the movie. Anyone reading this who doubts my ability to critique a Spider-Man movie, I point to thee my two long-boxes of nothing but Spider-Man comics, the multitude of posters that will hang on my wall once I have one, the three T-shirts, and the recliner blanket that I own. And the fact that I went as Ben Reilly on message boards for several years in the late 90's. If it is untrue to the characters I will know about it and be more than eager to voice that.

First of all, the reviewers that say Kirsten Dunst's acting was flat in this movie are being overly critical. The chemistry from the first movie isn't quite there, but she still puts in a more than passable performance. Rosemary Harris did an outstanding job yet again as Aunt May, and the fall of Harry Osborne into a more and more depressive and obsessive state was extremely well played out.

The action scenes were wonderful. To the trained eye, many of them were obviously CGI. However, more than passable enough for suspension of disbelief, and played out the way I always envisioned the fights in my mind when reading the comics. The train scene is somewhat reminiscent of the bridge scene in the first movie, but I can't think of any other way to convey that concept in the time alloted.

Otto Octavius was played the way he was meant to be. Good intent, evil means, a healthy dose of psychosis, and a grudge against Spidey. Too many writers have strayed from that in the comics. If you want a good example of THIS Otto, find the old Fantastic Four story he was in involving the Richards' second child. (After Franklin and before Valeria.)

Oh, and the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor goes to Bruce Campbell. First Bruce gives Spider-Man his name, then later defeats him. Utterly.

All in all, I don't have enough thumbs to put up. I will be going to see it again soon.
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