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"Keep it Down, Keep it on the Down, Keep it on the Down Low. Whoa."

Wonderful show. NES-esque animations and live footage video synchronized to their music while on stage. Drew, Ed, and PC make a wonderful show of it, and are a great statement to geeks in rock music. (Yes, their PC is an official member of the band.) (And yes, the joke about Drew & Ed dwelling at Stonehenge has already been made, so you can set your $ Double-neck down.)

Meanwhile, I need to figure out the optimal place to put the Neuros during band practice. I tested a location last night, and it would have been great, had the bass not overloaded the Mic. I'm thinking the geometric opposite point across the room would be my next choice, possibly with a book in front of it so it's not getting any direct audio. (I think Hero 5th Ed should be thick enough.)

Well, I should wrap this up and knuckle down to work. Helping a friend move some this evening, then going home to finish up pteryx's backup. (Again. Darn 1st-Gen iMacs won't read CD-R's that haven't been finalized, and double-darn Nero Express is unfinalized multisession by default.)
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