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Things 'n Stuff

Things 'n Stuff
Stuff 'n Things

Got my Neuros back from repair. Very Squiffy(tm). My transfer times are unreal. If only I had more stuff to put on there. (I've got about 15% full. Of course, if I ever sorted through that big mess of an "Unsorted files" directory and used those, then I'd probably have a decent bit more.) What's sad is how much of it either is or was on the radio, and how much of what wasn't, should have been. (Anyone who's interested, get yourself a copy of Z's Hit Me Baby One More Time. THAT is the version that should've been overplayed. Soaring guitar licks, great vocals, and just all around good fun. Ahmet Zappa is the roxxorz when it comes to vocals.)

Also, if anyone has Dweezil and Ahmet Zappa's medley from the Anaheim Theater (1965-1996 inclusive medley) in a complete form, or know where to get it, it would be greatly appreciated. The P2P copies sound professional, so it should be on a CD somewhere, but their material is rather hard to get ahold of. (You try searching for a band named "Z" and see what you come up with.)

Fun stuff.
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