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Must... stay... upbeat... Too...Much...Angsting...In...Journal...
doom doom doom bada bada boom doom doom
The System is Down
The System is Down
The System is Down

Meanwhile, band practice last night was fun. We spent 2 hours hooking up the drums to the mixer, spent $35 on cables, and then trying to remember how to use Cubasis (We had it's output set to the VST-122 instead of the internal sound card, and the speakers hooked up to the VST-122 weren't turned on.) and then decided that we're going to price out actual Studio time rather than try to do this ourselves. We still may record this album ourselves, but who knows. And here I was so hoping to have a rough cut of Someday Sally or My Kinda Girl to put on a mix CD and to practice with.

The song I wrote myself went downhill quickly. It's one of those riffs that sounds great the first five or so times you play it, then gets old quickly when you try to put it into a MIDI sequencer by hand.

The clothes shopping on Wednesday didn't happen. I'm not going there right now.

And the boss is gone until 7/7. For some reason today is strangely less stressful than yesterday. Hmm. We even have EVERY purchase order ready for production as far as paperwork is concerned. (or at least we will in about 5 minutes here.) I'm happy.
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