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On the road again, again.

Well, I was lucky enough to get yesterday off. Got to go out to Chicago and see my friend's gradumentation. She done gradumentated with a Master or somesuch. Either way, I will be in Chicago until tomorrow morning, then Band Practice until about 8 or so.

Unfortunately, right before I left the power went out at home, and according to Grampa, my APC didn't quite hold out long enough. So if you notice I'm not on IM / IRC with an away message, that's why. I'm debating leaving at about 10 tonight and crashing at a rest stop part way back so I can stop by home before band and maybe even make it to D&D. We'll see what happens.

Meanwhile, it's getting on to lunchtime, and I'm somewhat hungry. Time to either raid the fridge, or steal a set of keys so I can go get something and get back in without buzzing and waking them up.
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