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Uhm, whoo?

Can I trust you?



Cool. 'Cause I've got a secret and it's juicy. You in?

Great! Now, no one, and I mean NO ONE is supposed to hear about this until Thursday. I only found out through an accident on Saturday.

Okay, you got me. It wasn't so much of an accident as playing the odds, but still.

You ready? I got the part. I'm going to be in pictures. ^_^

Mr. I'm-So-Squeamish-That-I-Can't-Watch-The-Discovery-Channel is in a local B horror flick. In a lead role.

Granted, I have to nix the goatee, but it'll only take me a week or two to grow it back.

So, what's up with y'all?
Tags: playing pretend for fun and profit
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