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An e-mail conversation with my boss.

E-mail I recieved from my boss:

I really don't want to hear how hard you have it. Just suck it
up and get the job done. I have done every job in the place and
I still work long hours now. You need to work on this, as no
one wants to hear how hard you have it. Become part of the team
and do what needs done. Your better than that.

An e-mail I wrote to my boss, but am not going to send:

That was not whining. It was a valid complaint. When you did every job here, we were not shipping 16 work orders in 3 days. There's a reason we've grown to have an office staff of 6 people, and when you let 2/3 of that staff be off of work at the same time, the ones remaining may know how to do the job, but it doesn't mean they're going to be efficient at it or have much sanity left at the end of the day. [Operations Manager] was already burnt out before this week began, and he's not looking much better now. Personally, I'm glad he has next week off. He really needs it.

We're getting done what needs to be, but I would not have done things the way you did this week. There's no reason for [Owner's Son/Inventory Manager] to be off the same week as you and [Owner's Wife/QA Assistant]. He could have taken his trip next week when we weren't so short-handed, or later in July. I'm also rather upset that no one told me about the trip until the Friday before.

I wish I could think of a more tactful way to put all of this, but there's really not one. I will do the job you asked of me, because that is my job. I'll do the best job I can. Unlike you, however, I do this job because I require money to live my life. I don't live my job. If you choose to work long hours, that's fine. If you need me to pick up long hours on occasion to finish a project, that's also fine. Just don't expect me to be happy about covering for you and [] and [] just because you all want to take the same week on vacation. (I don't really cover for [Owner's Wife/QA Assistant] because last time I did I was yelled at for overstepping my bounds.) Look at it this way. In any other company, you wouldn't be able to all go on vacation together. In this company you can, you just have to put up with my complaints about it.

For some background, he complained that I hadn't made it to the bank on Wednesday with a deposit. I responded with "If you think it's that easy to find the time, does that mean you can cover for me next Friday so I can go to my friend's graduation in Chicago?"

Apparently I don't get the time off after all.

Hmm.... Reading back over that, would you say I've been reading a bit too much BOFH?
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