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Bleh. I'm beat. I have two incoming shipments to add to inventory, a purchase order to finish the paperwork on, and a ton 'o filing. We'll see how all that plays out.

Realizing rather quickly here that we need to upgrade the server to GbE. (Or the Switch, rather, as the server already has a GbE card.) Though whether or not that will happen is iffy. I'd love to just upgrade the whole network to GbE Fibre, but I doubt that's going to happen. In all honesty, though, I wonder what's up with the server that it's hiccuping on a simple Ogg Vorbis. If I ever had time for MY job, I would find some better way to handle what's going on here. But I'm so loaded up with everything esle I hardly know what's going on.

I'm dozing off in my chair... I'm going to get up and move around a bit to try and wake up.
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