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The blood trickled over his lip, shocking him to conciousness. The bittersweet taste in his mouth told him more about the previous hour than he wanted to know.

"Goddamnit," he said, staring down at the eviscerated and drained corpse, her lifeless face screaming back at him for all his mistakes over the centuries. He stared at that face, wondering how she ended up in his path that evening. And as the last bits of haze cleared from his brain, his foul supper removed itself from his stomach violently, the disgust for what he'd done becoming physically palpable, and visually evident.

Sorry for the interruption. That little scene just decided to superimpose itself on my conciousness for a moment, and I felt compelled to share it with any WoD fans that might happen across my journal. Stay tuned, you may read more about ol' Tim O'Leary if I get time later.
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