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Summer Solstice?

Hmm... well the Elf reminded me that today was, in fact, the first day of Summer. I wish someone would inform Mother Nature of that.... 95 degree days and 65 degree nights... A little bit more consistency would be nice... 85/80 I wouldn't complain about.

Side note to Elf in case she reads this: If Barry White calls your name and is single, you ask him on a date. No excuses. Ah! I said no excuses!

Meanwhile I had a friend of mine complain today that she has a line of guys wanting to sleep with her on a semi-long term basis (Month or so) and only one or two want a long term relationship, and those she's not too interested in. Wow... Such problems... I haven't had anyone interested in me other than Wonderful since... well... '99? A few short flings since, but both seemed like I was an excuse, not an interest. And with it now being over a week and not a peep from Wonderful, I'm starting to doubt that was anything other than "Ooh, fun hair to play with." Though at least my asset all of my friends make fun of the most, got attention that shut them up for a week or two about it.

Tomorrow, hopefully I can get some intensive drum practice in... I need to badly. My Neil Peart impersonation has been stuck at "Can't Play a Phil" Collins for months... If this is all the better I get, purchasing the drums will easily win a spot in the BAD IDEA column. Time for intense practice.

And the more I sit here, the more I'm reminded of what once was... I miss the days of Axis & Allies until 8:00 am, go home and sleep an hour, class, work, repeat... I miss the days of throwing around copy paper, running Idiot's tech room. I miss sitting at home for hours playing video games, THEN going out with friends. What I miss the most, though... is warm arms around me. I've become quite addicted to physical contact and emotional bonds, and with not a single prospect in sight, it's quite a downer. Spring fever will wane by fall, but the time inbetween is going to be rough. It's even tougher having been told today that I fit neither tall (Hey, 5'6" used to be average!), dark (Brown hair and a fairly respectable tan doesn't count?), nor handsome (Debatable, but I at least acknowledge that I'm at neither extreme.)

Maybe I'll meet someone nice to spend my time with... Maybe Wonderful has just been busy, which is possible with her schedule. Who knows. The waiting is the hardest part, though.
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