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"Work? What's that?" - Eileen Doolittle

I have no idea where to start this post...

I guess one place is as good as another.

This is the movie I auditioned for. It was just a simple reading. I think I did fairly well. Luckily, the guy who told me to show up and talk to them about a crew position is actually one of the producers of the film. The other producer/director said I looked like Kevin Anderson. I think. They said the boyfriend in Sleeping with the Enemy, which I haven't seen. Based on the cast list and photos, I'd say that's probably it, though I don't see the resemblance other than the hair.

Either way, that's that. I'm almost guaranteed a spot on staff, and I'll actually say I have a shot (however remote) of actually landing a part in the film. And as good as Twitch's Fiancee is, (I must come up with a moniker for her... I hate giving away real names on my LJ, and I knew her long before they were engaged.) I think The Elf would've had an easier time landing a role. (I'll refrain from my speech on how landing an acting job becomes automatically easier for those who have one or more instances of the letter "D" in their measurements. But The Elf actually can act, and rather well. Those assets just don't hurt either her or Twitch's Fiancee's chances at all.)

And I'm getting a headache... With all the stress at work it's no wonder, but it's still rather annoying. My kingdom for a backrub! My kingdom and eternal servitude if you're female!

Wow... THAT'S desperation. *sigh*
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