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This... should be interesting.

My day today at work is potentially quite full. I should be lucky to get out of here by 6. I knew this full well last night. So what do I do?

Take a wild stab. No one will guess it...

I set up an AUDITION for a MOVIE for tonight. I'm going to ask if they need crew, and peruse the script quickly to see if there's a part I'm interested in.

For those who don't know, I haven't used a camcorder for production purposes since 1997, done video editing since 1998, and have not acted since 1987.

And on top of that, I'm taxiing J and Twitch & Fiancee with me. Twitch is volunteering for "Dead Corpse #1", though something tells me the "Corpse" makes the "Dead" somewhat redundant. J worked on post-production special effects on Robot Ninja, though I've been told not to volunteer that information. I've not seen the movie yet, but how bad could it be? Twitch's Fiancee is a stage actress, and most likely could get a part if she wanted it. But last time I checked she's in a play already, so I don't know what her schedule looks like.

So that leaves me... Already busy. Already stressed. And voluntarily looking to take more on anyway because "it sounds like fun." Isn't that kind of reasoning what got James T. Kirk killed? Of, course.... I'm... a...MUCH better actor... Because I... don't wear... a toupee!
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