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Posting in my spare time...

For those of you unfamiliar with my work schedule, it's 8-4 Eastern Standard/Daylight, Monday through Friday. Saturdays as needed to catch up or do work that can't be done during normal business hours. (Company-wide Defrag, security patches, reboot old Windows server, etc.)

However, since May 5, and until July 5, I am covering for our once pregnant, now motherly, Secretary. I already had a lot of empathy for her, having worked as a Secretary myself in a previous employ. (And darn davywavy for that infectious British vocabulary. Two days of reading his journal and I'm using words I haven't in years.) Now, normally a Secretary (or Administrative Assistant, for the Political Correctness-impaired out there.) answers phones, greets people as they come in the door, types up letters and correspondence, sorts the mail, does the filing, and manages the fax machine, right?

Not here... No letter typing at all, which my sore wrists are very thankful for.

However, I do get everything else above, as well as to call and schedule truck pickups, manage Inventory, make product labels for our production staff, manage incoming purchase orders so two other people can assign arbitrary numbers to them (Invoice number, which is incremental and I could assign and enter into the "database" just as quickly, if not more so, and ship date, which I want no part of.) so I can confirm them, make up the internal paperwork, and pass it on to production. On top of that, I have to continue maintainence on the computers, am working on learning PHP/MySQL for a order-tracking and inventory system for internal use, and occasionally have to do product testing for a few customers who require specific tests that are not in our normal battery. And on top of that, we have 4 more people going on vacation all at once on the 18th for two and a half weeks, and I have to help cover for them, too.

So, if you wonder why I'm stressed, irritable, and/or tired, now you know.

And Knowing Is Half The Battle!</SugoiCon_Anime_Hell_2001>

I think the worst part isn't the job, but this stupid desk. I'll have to post a picture of how it's layed out, but let's just say it's a miracle that my left funny bone hasn't been hit more times, nor my right wrist come loose.
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