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I give up.

Not that I've been anywhere remotely near perfect, but she just doesn't understand how much she keeps hurting me with her comments. So I'm not the greatest person in the world at picking up subtleties in an MMORPG... So I'm not up to date on Japanese netspeak... So I want to attempt something counter to what the FAQ's all reccomend for a character.

It's no reason to call me a failure... incompetent...

Then she comes to me with good news (for her), and my first thought when I saw her new armor was that she was going to be preachy and say "You get this if you play RIGHT."

I attempt to ignore this thought and give her the benefit of the doubt.

Her: "Well?"

Me: "Hmm..... Did you get your hair cut?"

Her: "......."

Me: "Aha! You switched to using axe!"

At which point, after I traveled nearly 10 minutes to meet her, she runs back to the airship and blocklists me.

....this is what I get from the love of my life... The person I'm not related to that I love more than even some people I AM... And people wonder why I'm depressed about my future.

Apparently love does not conquer all. Or if it does, neither her issues nor my sense of humor is contained within "all".

And she was worried that I wouldn't be hung up over her at all when I went on one date. *sigh*

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go sleep as soon as this first Dream Theater disc is done ripping. (I got Live Scenes from New York, and yes, it's the one that was released on 9/10/2001, not the re-issue.)
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