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Vanilla Coke Good...

DDR: Konamix is drawing my attention back to the Bemani genre again. Good workouts, too, which I need. If only I could advance beyond the skill level I'm at. (5-footers are relatively easy, 6-footers get me confuzzled.)

Meanwhile, it's been a week and not a peep from Wonderful. Probably just as well. I hope things work out for her. Most likely I was either too up-front or too sappy with the note I left her. She asked for one, though. Better now than later.

I don't want to vent too much since I probably already have anyone reading this worried or pitying me, but it's starting to get really old... I haven't had anything actually resembling a two month or longer relationship in almost two years, and only one that was shorter during that time. It would be nice to have someone to open doors for and curl up on the couch to watch movies and play games with... and not have to go looking for someone else after just a few days. Wishful thinking. What's worse is that I miss the little things the most. Someone to curl up with when one of us has had a bad day, to talk things through, and make it better with a kiss. And everything else... I guess the short of it is...

I'm lonely.
Tags: the prettier gender
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