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Well, that was rather annoying.

Up until 2:00 AM setting up Narnia, the latest computer in the rhiannonweb series. (Joining the previous systems of Mobius, Jurai, and Cybertron.) Debian Woody on and running stable. Apt-Spy setup the apt sources list. It's beautiful.

Run the sump pump (It's on Manual until Grampa and I get around to digging a deeper hole for it) for a while, barely making a dent in the amount of water in the cellar, then go to bed.

Wake up at 7:00 AM to Grampa mopping my floor... The Cellar Door (which is right next to my bed) has started spewing water out onto the basement floor. And the path the water has chosen? Directly to my computer desk, under my TV, all over my poor, poor Dreamcast, and around the corner to the drain.

Luckily, it doesn't look like it was deep enough to cause any damage to the computers, but the Dreamcast may be toast. I'm giving it a week to dry out, then crossing my fingers. I never should've left it on the ground.
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