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1) Copy and paste this: [font color=yourusername][b]yourusername[/b][/font] into your journal.
2) Replace [] with <>
3) Replace yourusername with your actual lj user name




Interesting. Hope it works as well as they say it will. Anything to be more conservative. My only worry is what is going to happen to the soil that would've been refreshed by that plant matter as compost?

Third item...

I have the sperm donor's phone number. (Okay, so I have two phone numbers, both of which are in Washington state, both of which are the correct name. 50/50 shot.)

Do I call? I want to meet my other siblings. I want to meet my aunt. I could care less about the other aunt and the sperm donor himself, but I've got two other sisters and another brother out there. And an Aunt that went behind the rest of her family's back to visit me until I was almost a year old. I still have her birthday present... A fuzzy, yellow and blue stuffed beach ball with a bell inside.

Above all else, how will Dad react to me calling up the man he replaced?
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