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1) Why do we walk on a sidewalk and run on a path?

2) Why do I make stupid comments that make no sense?

3) To PDC or to not PDC the network. That is the question. Whether 'tis better to login to the server or authenticate at the client. But nay, the server can act as a PDC. And if I can ever get logon scripts to work, then it would be a better thing. Good luck figuring out what's wrong, though. (Knowing my luck, the client is actually trying to load %U.bat instead of [INSERT USERNAME HERE].bat)

Besides, I already have it setup as a PDC for all the Win98 clients. Now I just need to get logon scripts working, then figure out roaming profiles, join the 2k machines to the domain, and figure out how to make a Win2k Pro machine a BDC. (Yeah, right.)

Hmm... That would be interesting, though. A Windows port of Samba. PDCs / large scale file-sharing on a Win2k Pro box. Undercut Microsoft on their own home turf for those unwilling to go to Linux just yet. :)

4) Still not much on the relationship front. I've gone on two dates with this one girl, but she seems very distant. And after two dates, the physical contact has been limited to two hugs, both of which felt about as distant as I can imagine a hug being.

Oh, and all the friends who wanted to play matchmaker before now won't. Figures.
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