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This is just so wrong it isn't funny. A good reason why I dis-associated myself with religion a long time ago.

Which spurned this comment from storyteller82:
"Another fine attempt to integrate the pagan believes into christianity. Unfortunatly, there is a huge difference in traditions between christians and pagans. While christians seem to gain new life and and salvation through the very painfull and messy death of an innocent man, pagans do something with eggs and bunnies. A very interesting difference."

Says it better than I can. "Pagans do something with eggs and bunnies." ^_^
If only I had somebody to do it LIKE bunnies WITH. Unfortunately, I have set certain moral standards for myself. I did this subconciously, and long before I had any ideas on how the world works NOW. (Long story.) Thanks to these standards, I need to actually have some form of emotions for someone before even going past hugging. A good thing all in all, but *shrugs* Frustrating sometimes anyway.

I don't know why I went off on that tangent, but I did. I'm debating deleting it.... nah. It's my journal. I'll say what I want to, damnit! ^_^

This time change has really screwed with me. I'm tired already... Aren't I supposed to be staying up later than normal instead???
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