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I want to get in the habit of posting at least once a day, or else when I need to post I'll forget it's available. ;P

Finally got a big calendar for downstairs in the work area. My roommate's half is nearly empty, with just four days having marks on them, and mine is half full of "D&D, D&D, Werewolf, D&D", etc, and that's with three games I'm in being postponed/cancelled for vacations and whatnot. No wonder I'm suffering from burnout. Roleplaying is fun, but too many characters to keep track of makes it harder to get into each game.

Speaking of which, as far as the MUCK I was considering... I may end up dropping the Sunday game that's currently on hold (Just this week, GM on vacation)... It's gotten out of hand as far as OOC's are concerned (This from the OOC king) and the crowd has never been one I'm overly comfortable around. It's just a question of how to tell the GM without her pulling her "Cute and Evil" act on me to try and get me to stay.

Speaking of which, that's another thing that's been vexing me lately is her... I never could figure out during our short stint as a couple why she was interested in me. She always (before and with one exception since) went with leather jacket-wearing semi-goth punk types. (I'll admit several barely met those requirements, but I don't put myself anywhere really near any of them...) And now when it comes to social circles she won't let me spend a full day at home relaxing if she knows about it ahead of time. Something about "It's good for you". I appreciate having friends and all, but a nice, quiet evening at home is appreciated once in a while.

Well, band practice tonight, M$FT seminar tomorrow, and no D&D until next Sunday. No word from Wonderful, but conversations with the Elf keep getting more and more comfortable again. (From a subject emotion standpoint... from a trust standpoint there's no one more comfortable for me to talk to.)
Tags: caverns and crabgrass, playing a different role
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