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Busy day

Well, let's see here....
Buddy's sister is having mild medical problems... in hospital for a few days for observation. Not overly happy, but needs to be done. (The bad thing is because of her condition, she's in THE ward instead of the normal children's ward.)

Roommate got talked into playing bass for the band I'm in. This should be interesting to see a Van Halen/Joe Satriani/Steve Vai worshipping lead guitarist get ahold of a bass guitar. At least it won't be a slow humdrum bass rhythm. What'll be more interesting is to watch him tell the other half of his brain, who wanted him to play bass in their band. He didn't want to... Since he was helping write the songs, he wanted to have control over his leads.

Got a call from an old friend of mine... on an internship in Eastern WV. Hopefully I can head out that way in a few weeks and visit for a day or two.

Got the new Dance Dance Revolution. Very nicely done, and renewed my addiction. Almost two hours straight, and no score higher than "B". I need to practice!
Tags: rock and roll creation
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