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I just can't win....

I had the server working. Really I did.

Now, the network isn't starting up properly.

immediately after boot:

lsmod -> tg3 (unattached)
nmbd -> Locked up due to lack of eth0
networking restart
samba stop
kill -9 nmbd
samba start

Okay, now the network and samba work fine. Great, just add a script to the end of init that does that, right?

Well..... no. There's something actively wrong, so I'd like to fix the problem, not patch it. This is a Linux server, not Windows.

Then, on top of all that, the cd-rom quit working. I compiled the ide-scsi module just in case I needed it later for backup purposes (Some IDE tapes require it, as to CD-RW.) Originally, the CD worked fine. Now, /dev/cdroms/ is empty. I even tried rmmod ide-scsi ide-cd cdroms and then modprobe cdroms ide-cd and it still didn't come back. :(

On top of all that, I work Saturday, my Sisters' *16th* birthday is on Sunday, and I no longer have a present. The band was supposed to play, but with the Thunder God on hiatus to clear up his divorce we haven't practiced in two months. I'm giving them my "old" (one week) video card so they can run their illustration programs better, but I forgot to order my new one, so it won't be in until next Tuesday.

At least the elf is due here in less than two weeks. When she's here, work can go fuck itself, 'cause I've already said I'm taking two weeks of half-days and every personal day I have available to me.

And since LiveJournal doesn't want to post my post, Ill add this on several hours later.....
Anyone have a Lunar or ChronoTrigger mood icon set?
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