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Fun, fUn, fuN

Well, Thursday has come and gone.

Twitch got eth0 up and running (And eth1 if I need it....), a kernel that is running beautifully (3 minute re-compiles from "make -j 2 bzImage modules"), and a initrd image that boots and loads the RAID driver. The dummy drive on the RAID partitions, and formats. However, the choice of distro, (mostly because nothing else would install) was Xandros. Their hardware detection re-writes all the settings files on each boot. I have a support ticket in to find out how to disable that "feature" so I can get the settings files locked down and make an initrd that will boot off of the RAID.

Then add users, rinse, repeat.

No FF IX updates yet. I wish I had the time. Maybe Saturday after work. Maybe.

And remind me... No more playing with ultra-new stuff at work. It makes my brain hurt.
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