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FF9 Update:
Got Eiko back. Now I have to get her from Lv. 33 up to at LEAST 55. Should be fun. I also now have the appropriate item to give her her fourth and final summon. Plus two more for Dagger (Who's speaking again, YAY!) Plus a whole bunch more items for a whole bunch more skills. I'm trying to figure out why even with Master Thief equipped now, Zidane is still only stealing Ore and HiPotions. Granted, he is grabbing the occasional Ether, but I want something other than healing items. Weapons, armor, and wristlets sound good. :)

Work is work. Looks like this week is going to go out without the BIOS update I need. And such is life. *sigh*
Well, at least I get broadband tomorrow. Which means I'm taking my wireless setup home from work. I'm gonna miss it. Though, maybe I can talk the boss into getting it for here. We'll see.
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