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FF9 Update: NONE. :(

Home life update: Setup computer desk, computer (Still no broadband. :( ), unpacked movies, working on moving anything in a cardboard box into the basement from the garage so it won't get ruined this winter. Got a real chair for my computer desk. It's real comfortable, too. Too bad it isn't the one with the built-in massager. I'll just have to wait for elf-chan until I can get a good backrub.

Work life update: PromiseTechnology sucks. Still no correction to their driver, which only required a re-compile, and still no BIOS update for the motherboard. I NEED to get this system up and running, and quick. Of course, I'm starting to have Winblows problems on the laptop again, so I may just wipe it blank and try compiling my own driver set using it. But I still have to wait on the BIOS update. :(

Otherwise, suffering through having QA here all week, (which isn't that bad, despite us going ISO in November.) and having fun.

I'll leave you with this wisdom, circa 2000, courtesy of Dr. Joe Walsh during the James Gang reunion in Cleveland:
"He's tellin' us this, and tellin' us that. Changes it every day.
Says it doesn't matter.
Bases are loaded and Bush's at bat. Playin' it play-by-play.
Time to change the batter."

Just think. Had he waited a little over a year to say that, Dr. Joe may have been deported. :P
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