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The weekend was FAR too short. I woke up this morning feeling like it was the first day of school or something. *sigh*

Meanwhile, the server is still on hold, waiting for a BIOS update for the motherboard, as well as a fixed sATA driver for RH9. Would've been nice if they didn't advertise the board as having RAID since it didn't work yet. Would also have been nice of them to compile the driver against the proper kernel. Oh, well.

FF9 update: I'm in Mt. Gurgu. Love the re-mixed FF1 music. I'm 1/2 way down the well, and so far so good. Everyone is at Lv. 50 or better. Everyone has all of the abilities that they're able to learn. And I think I took the wrong party into the caves. Or at least made a mistake bringing Dagger. She's useless for anything but healing out-of-battle. Hopefully her "strange affliction" will disappear soon. Otherwise she'll be the most useless FF character ever. (Random chance of not doing anything my #$^&.)

Hmm... 60 minutes left of work. 61 minutes left on this patch download. Loverly.
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