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Or how I learned to ignore spelling rules and love the.... er... nevermind. DEAD joke.

I'm waiting on the case for the new server. Once that comes in, I'll have it together in approximately an hour. Until then, I look rather silly, having nothing to do because I didn't plan on working on anything else for the next few weeks. Oh, well.

If the next three weeks go well, and I get more paychecks like the one I did today, then I'm going to Chicago for a weekend. I called the other night, and I was grilled as to why (1) I hadn't called yet, and (2) I hadn't scheduled a visit like I promised. It'll be interesting to see whether or not I can find the place now that it's been a few weeks. It'll be more interesting to try and navigate Rt. 80, in West Cleveland, on a Friday, during rush hour.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm tired, cranky, and covering for the secretary. Actually, ignore the first two. ^_^

Oh, and re-arranging furniture is interesting when my Great-Aunt is in town. She insists on moving everything in the room, then lets me move stuff back as I see fit. But normally very little gets moved back.
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