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Rack-mount fright?

Yah, that's right. We've got most of the new server hardware coming in today. This will be the first commercial Linux server that I put together, the first SMP box I put together, and the third RAID box. And if it doesn't work right.... I'm in DEEP. Talk about butterflies / stage fright. I'm actually debating putting off picking up the parts until tomorrow.

Luckily, the other Linux server I've put together, (A very basic one for use at home.) has been running beautifully for weeks now, and the setup seems to be relatively easy. Let's just say the next three weeks will be hectic trying to migrate the server from Windows to Linux. Especially since I'm still not sure what I'm going to do about the timeclock... One tiny little background program that needs to run, and no one can tell me if WINE supports it. Unfortunately, we don't have enough in the budget for a copy of Win2k Server, and we've got well over 10 users. (We'd need a minimum of 15CAL's) If I have to off-load that onto another system, we have them available. :)

Any suggestions for Server names? "Server" just isn't all that fancy, but the boss isn't keen on naming it after one of his pets or a fictional planet or comic strip character. He wants "server01" Maybe it's time to go back to "fs1", because eventually there will be a "dbs1".

So, yah. I'm nervous.
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