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Hmm.... Time to post an update because I feel it's time.

Got a ton of e-mail last week. Apparently some jerk-off spammer decided my e-mail address made a good reply-to and used a rather outdated list. My estimation is somewhere in the realm of 200 "Mailbox full", "Unknown User", or "Unable to contact server" errors showed up in my mailbox with about three or four different subject lines. Luckily I only got one angry "remove" e-mail.

I don't know if it recieved mention already, but I have until the end of october to drop about 30 lbs off of my gut. A few friends of mine decided that, for their Halloween Costume Party, I needed a Spider-Man costume. After all, I do have the biggest Spider-collection I know of personally. So they went out and got spandex. Yah, real spandex. Where am I going to put my wallet? ;P Of course, it has the double-benefit of getting me in shape for the Elf's visit in November.

Aerin, sorry to hear about Canadian immigration being so harsh. I have a local friend going through something similar. Best of luck getting back up to the land of the slightly free-er, eh buddy? ;P

And I'll end this post with a hearty:
Huh? The FF are based on a real family? Or was/is Marvel trying to pull a "Blair Witch"-esque "If we insinuate we're telling a true story and just don't let out any indication it's false..." with the Unstable Molecules 4-shot? Or do I have to wait until 2013 after "Mad Thinkers" and "Negative Zone" come out to find out who the real people behind the idea were?
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