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Insert intelligent, witty quote here.

I won't go into details, but someone has just put his life in jeopardy via multiple channels. Sometimes the lost should just stay that way. Especially those both Lost & Psychotic. Given that I am distanced from the location, I'll just say that I thank the gods for J-san.

Trying to make plans for the two week vacation with the elf is hard. Three days are already accounted for. I want to leave her first and last evening for relaxing, just the two of us, and there's a possibility of visiting some of my friends in Chicago for a weekend. Add in Thanksgiving with my relatives, and that leaves all of 4 days unaccounted for. (Not going to Chicago adds three more, and the first Sunday is only full until about 8:00 PM...)

So, until next time I post....

Gosh, I should put some music on!
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