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I miss elf-chan.
To do something to make me feel closer to her, I shall....


*picks up the phone and dials*


*hangs up phone*

Eeep! They only had one room left. Smoking, with two twin army cots. And we have to share it with a 'con security volunteer. >_<

Meanwhile, life is just PEACHY! I've been listening to a lot of Queen, mostly due to odd coincidence of radio schedules. I've listened to Tubular Bells 2k3 a few more times. Dad and I sat down and played guitar for almost two hours last night. I worked out for 45 minutes, and found out that I still can't do mid-difficulty DDR. (It goes from being a game to being Lord of the Dance. And I'm a Suburban White Boy™.) Work is slightly better, but still not as good as it used to be. And game, well, it should be interesting come Tuesday.

Oh, and for those of you who were worried, I'm kidding about the room.
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