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Work Week, Day 3

This week is grating on me horribly. I'm tired of my chosen profession not being anything like it was advertised as. I'm a tech when something's broken, janitor and errand-boy when everything works right. And when I spend my time trying to improve myself on the clock, I get "You need to work more, so here, do this!" CONSTANTLY. Our server is quickly diminishing in usability. So I need to learn something other than a basic ad-hoc Windows environment. I've spent every day since Thursday learning about PDC's, SAMBA, WINS, etc. I nearly understand it well enough to convert the file-box over to a true server, and now I've got fifty things on my plate. By the time I get back to what I was working on, the server will be wholly inadaquate, and I will be in no position to correct the problem. Loverly.

Meanwhile, add a few more really's to Monday's post. (No, semi-mysterious person, I don't mean literally. But thank you!) The elf will be lucky to survive the first hug, let alone the two weeks of me hugging and doting on her. Luckily for my bank account she won't let me spend a whole lot of money on her.

Well, about time for me to go to the chiropractor's and get this horrible kink in my neck removed. :)
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