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Work Week, Day 2

Emptied Trash, changed backup tape, edited smb.conf. Listening to music streamed off of Samba server to see if it is going to continue hiccuping, or if everything is copacetic now. So far we're now up to almost an hour without a hiccup, which is better than Friday or yesterday. If I can listen to music for the rest of the day, I'll start working on PDC implementation and testing from other computers simultaneously.

Had an interesting dream Sunday morning, and figured I should mention it here, just in case anyone knows if this place actually exists...
I'm in the middle of a house hunt, and am looking for something nice but inexspensive. [start dream] I find a place. Probably about 40'd x90'w. One story. There's a 40'x40x main room as you go in the front door. There is a rather large skylight looking up at the trees outside, but otherwise no windows in the room at all. To the left is a small counter and opening over the sink to the kitchen, and a swinging door into the kitchen, and to the right is a closet and a door. Behind the door is an angled bathroom, with the enclosure for the closet and then tub on the left, and the sink and facilities on the right (slanted) wall. HUGE bathroom, despite the odd shape. The kitchen is a half-circle attached to the opposite wall of the main room. All windows on the rounded wall, with the cooking area taking up the right side, the sink against the inside wall, the stove and working counter under the windows. The other side has a small table big enough for four to eat comfortably on. The main room doubles as bedroom and living room. I'm guessing it was on either one or two acres, fairly heavily wooded, but near an open field. Construction outside was brick, and was rather interesting to look at, with the angled front wall and the half-round on the left. There's a garage up by the road, and then a walkway from there to the house proper. As the dream progressed, I added two rooms onto the back of the house, both doorways opening directly into the main room. I may post a rough floor-plan later if I have time.
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