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I'm a little butterfly....

Okay, so there's about twenty of them in my stomach, but what do you expect? This is going to be a longer show, more people there (And we had the place packed at 3:00 PM the last time we played) and I just had a Jamocha Shake.

Well, having odd problems trying to figure out our new server solution. I've got a choice of 2000 Server or Samba, and due to obvious cost differences as well as ease of maintainence, Samba is my preference. Unfortunately, it seems to be cutting people off after a few hours for no apparent reason. Disconnect and re-connect and you're fine... *shrug* Probably a bug in the version of Samba. Unfortunately, it's the newest. And I do mean newest. 3.0 Alpha. O.o Yah. I need to pay better attention to version numbers, ne?

Now, how do you use apt-get to roll back again? Eep.

Well, must get stuff rolling to get out of here on time to early. :) (And MAJOR hugs to the elf-chan. I've been ignoring her the past few weeks due to lack of internet access at home, and she's still putting up with me. I need to make sure her visit this fall is the best two weeks of her life. :) )
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