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Vel, my Vampire is now a Vampeel, I think. Kidnapped in February of 1961 while asleep. After a rather odd sequence of days with apparently about 5 years of unconciousness between each, it is now 1988. My "Black Bard" (Poet Brujah Guitarist, fan of Clapton and the as-yet undiscovered Hendrix, whom he had met on tour.) wakes up to the first dose of an outside world that our mysterious guinea-pig owners give us being Hair Metal, the Rock Gods of the 70's, and the news that Jimi is dead. Strangely enough, we all have some rather nifty things going on, which points to really, really, really bad future.....

1) Sun doesn't hurt.
2) Full-blown pulse, but no heartbeat or breathing
3) Full-blown digestion. Iron-rich foods and rare steaks count for blood points.
4) Celerity/Potence/Fortitude is now a tri-discipline. One dot in the combined discipline gives the seperate abilities of each.
5) Dominate/Presence is now a dual discipline. Same as above.
6) I now have Melpominee, as well as the Daughters of Cacophony flaw of always hearing music. ALWAYS. My character is rather happy with this development, though. Especially when it tunes into that "Young VanHalen Kid"

Best guess as to why all this happened.... We were royally abusing 1960, and 1961 didn't look much better. Plot hooks were thinning out, and something major is on the horizon. (We do have two of Clan Ravnos. Maybe we're the ones who get to kill Ravnos himself in 10 years?)

Well, must jet. Work is calling, kinda.
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