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Well, I haven't spoken with the elf in nearly three days. This is killing me. I hate doing it but I think I'm going to ask Gramma & Grampa if we can get a cable modem installed. 150 e-mails this morning, nearly all spam. That's over 70 a day, and the amount from my main account is increasing. I'm starting to get a funny feeling that my ISP is selling all the e-mail addresses at the primary domain.

Rain continues to pelt the area, and affect myself not at all. It's rather odd living in the middle of a declared disaster area and seeing little to no damage first-hand. Going and rubbernecking at the worse locations would be in bad taste, but I don't even come across much more than mud on low spots in the road where it flooded during the rain and receeded shortly thereafter.

I'm missing the old days, too. Missing the Summer of 1998. Missing High School, IRC on a 2800 modem attached to an old dumb terminal, working for the local drugstore, missing the much less touch-and-go relationship I had with the elf. We're older now, I'm making more money, have lived on my own, and love being with the elf as much as I ever did, but things will never be the same. The relationship is as good, just different. Life is almost as good, just different. I never was big on "different" unless it involved me, the elf, and reality-jumping. I like life that doesn't resemble a soap opera, and now that it doesn't and I'm nowhere near where I wanted to be, it's depressing. Is 23 too young for a mid-life crisis? Wait, I have these every year. ;P

Well, there's enough people here now that I no longer have to cover phones. Time to go get lunch.
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