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Zen and the Art of Bridge Repair


There, now that that's out of my system...

Good thing I didn't get the loft apartment. Everyone in that row of buildings is stranded until tomorrow because ALL THREE bridges to that area of the complex washed out in the rain Monday night. A few hiked up the side of the valley and out, and they're working on another road out until the water recedes enough to replace the bridges, but it still would be a complete mess. Not that it wouldn't be cool to be semi-stranded for a week, as I could use the rest and time to think, but it would suck if I ran out of groceries.

Well, work's over shortly, then I can go home and try to catch up on laundry, help Grampa spoon the water out of the cellar, and continue work on sorting comics. I now have Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker - Spider-Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Fantastic Four all sorted. Now I just have to go back and sort all the old series of the same names, and the 1-shots and series that are no longer in print. (Twice as many issues as I've already catalogued.)
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