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Countdown to Elation

Last evening was rather interesting. Went out and got coffee with my old roommate, and ran into an old friend of ours. She's supposed to call tonight and update me on the tons of things that have happened over the past few weeks. Also, if I practice enough to be comfortable with it, I may try out for the open drummer position in her band. (So long as they stick to reasonable time signatures I should be okay.) Playing in two bands will be hectic, but it would be an outlet as drummer.

Still missing the elf horribly. Less than 4 months... It's still far too long, and yet not long enough. I can't wait to see her, but with housing situations the way they are it seems like an awfully short period of time before I have to have things ready. I'll figure out something, though.

Nap-time... zzzzzzzzzz
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