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Fantastic Elf

This is fun. I'm waiting on the boss to show up in the lab so he can go over the testing procedures with me once so I can do them on my own. Last I checked he actually started digging into his paperwork upstairs, so I'll see him about the time I'm wanting to go get lunch.

I spent the whole weekend missing the elf terribly. I even dug her teddy bear out of the stuff I'm storing for her. I've noticed the more often I scratch behind its ears and hug it in her stead, it's getting softer again. Maybe by the time she gets here he'll be fixed? Only time will tell. (Dun, dun DUN!)

Saw the Fantastic Four movie last night. My official opinion: It suffered from budget-itis, a lack of polish on the script, and a bad Dr. Doom. (Actually, he made a better Dr. Doom than he did Victor VonDoom, but not by much.) For only $2 Million, the guy didn't do a bad job at all. The Ben Grimm costume was even passable. But all in all, if you can get ahold of a copy, it's worth it. It's an interesting look at what could be, if they would give someone the budget to re-make that now.

Well, work calls, if only so I don't feel like I'm getting paid to sit on me duff and do nothing. (Ay, MacDuff? Damn Sliders game has got me thinking in a Scottish brogue. @_@)
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