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Well, update since last time:

Panic-disorder-stricken roommate, x, decides that it's time for us to abandon his mother's attic and find a place on our own. I agree, we set a move-out date tenatively for the end of August. He immediately shows improvements.

Bottle of Shampoo is stolen. Nothing major, but no one fesses up to it, and it was a brand new bottle. Irritating.

Improvements around the house pick up pace. The front has now been semi-landscaped and hanging plants obscure the problems with the house.

Band plays out!!! W00T! Get up on stage at 2:55 PM on July 4th for a Red Cross Benefit concert. Play my ever-lovin' arse off (Can you tell I've been reading Fantastic Four? :P ) and clobber (see!) the set list. Walk off of the stage tired, hot, dehydrated, and VERY happy with the performance. The other two in the band kicked my ass, though. I never would've made it that far if they and x hadn't pushed me. Now I'm proud to say that we intend to play out again next month, maybe even twice.

Get home at about 12:15 on July 4 after that and a party. Walk in and am told by x's mom and sister that I have to be out "ASAP" because her new hubby wants my room for an office. Apparently the end of August isn't soon enough, even with the rather large desk in their bedroom and the table and filing cabinet downstairs. Without blinking, I nod, sigh, and start packing. Premises vacated by 4:00 PM July 5. Is 16 hours considered ASAP?

So now I'm looking for an apartment, living in my Grandparent's basement until I find one. Lovely. Here I am, Idol O' Dozens, (Thing-isms MUST... STOP...) and I'm back in a Parental situation. (Even if it is Grand-parental.) This also puts a HUGE damper on my prospects of buying a house. Back into an apartment I go. *sigh* Hopefully one big enough for x and I, and cheap enough that if he runs back home I can afford it myself.

So therefore, to steal a phrase... bucketful of grarf. meh.

Until the good news of: I'm sending in the check for Sugoi-Con Friday. Elf-chan will be here for two weeks in November, and that makes me VERY happy.
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