Hiro (hiromasaki) wrote,

More character quandrys

I think I've got it narrowed down. Either a Old-School styele Brujah musician or a Ventrue. (The elf will kill me for even debating playing a Ventrue.) I highly doubt the GM would allow a True Brujah, and even if she did, someone else is is trying anyway. (And if he is allowed to play a True Brujah, mine would be short-lived, if not wiped from existence completely.)

However, reading Pteryx's journal, I'm realizing I'd actually rather not play... I'm debating hanging out at the Game Traitor (Under new ownership now, so the name's hopefully a misnomer and we can go back to calling it Trader) and finding either a Shadowrun game or hopefully someone willing to run IOU. I need a more modern or futuristic game, and preferably one with a lot of humor and character as opposed to battle and seriousness. It's the reason I watch Tenchi Muyo! and Ranma 1/2 rather than Neon Genesis Evangelion and La Filet Revolutionaire Utena. Life's too short to get bogged down in things you don't enjoy. It's one of the reasons I've learned to make a joke about ANYTHING. Some are in bad taste, and those generally don't get spoken aloud, but without it I'd be far too high-strung and would have had a coronary by now. I do enjoy more serious movies and shows from time to time, but if you watch them all the time and nothing but, they bog you down too. It's probably why I like Diagnosis Murder and Murder She Wrote over CSI or ER. (That and the acting is better, even if the scripts aren't. ;P )

On a side note, if one more person comments on how bad the Tenchi dub was because of Matt Miller's voice being annoying, I will hurt them. He's SUPPOSED to have a bit of a nasally whiny voice. He's supposed to have a bit of Ben Stein in him. It fits his character. I've met Mr. Miller in person, and he's rather nice and his normal speaking voice is neither, but is not as unique. Kinda like Lynn Minmay / Mihoshi. Just enjoy the acting of the dub artists, or learn Japanese and watch it subtitled, so you can hear the mistakes made by the orignal VA's and tear their work apart.
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