Hiro (hiromasaki) wrote,


YAY! Fixed!

And updated some other stuffs, too.

Won't you be my friend? My friends list feels so empty. (This coming from someone who used to spend every waking hour on IRC, even in class.)

I've even tried giving away my other journal number and no one will take it and start a journal.

Oh, and anyone who can think of good reasons for the elf to move from Seattle to NE Ohio, please let me know. It would be quite nice to have her out here, where I know where to find gaming groups, and places for her to be entertained other than in her office/den/bedroom being lonely. (It's not quite that bad, but she doesn't socialize enough and lives in just the one room despite the living room being quite nice if a bit chilly. Plus I worry about her, and being able to see her on a regular if not daily basis would let me worry less.)
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