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Chad Portrait

Parboiled parsnips partake partially partitioned prawn pasta

I am sitting here tonight not sure what to do about a lot of things.  I keep wanting a creative outlet, and yet haven't figured out *what*.  I have a few ideas for development projects (port the now-dead band and company websites to some hosting situation, like AppEngine.  Build a search site for finding smithee_awards/MST3k/HDTGM/Razzie-approved movies.  Revamp MigraineTracker...) but never quite find the drive to get started.  I have tools now for doing some woodworking, but haven't had a chance to do much more than some custom spacing blocks, house repairs, etc.  A board game would be fun, and a good way to do some project management (marketing, budgets, etc.) for a Kickstarter, but I don't have any good ideas.  A podcast seems like fun, but you generally have to have something to talk about.  I have random turns of phrase or short story ideas come up all the time, but never think to jot them down.  And on and on and...

So in the meantime I fill the time up with Reddit and the occasional Civ game.  Nevermind that we just moved and there are tons of boxes that need unpacked, piles of unfinished or even unplayed video games, and a WoW guild waiting for me to get geared enough to re-join raid night...

I'm really enjoying my new job, at least.  It's not the place I was in Cleveland, but the people are nice and the project is interesting.  I feel like I joined just a bit too late to be early to the game, but early enough that I've got a good shot at being more than just a cog.  And it's hard to argue with a Minneapolis skyline view.

But the best thing of all is E.  Toddler giggles are the best thing ever, and she loves everything she finds.  Books, cartoons, things inside Easter eggs, anything with Peppa Pig on it, her TNG uniform shirt...  Everyone she plays with is her Best Friend.  And she loves sharing things, even things you wish she wouldn't. (like boogies)