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The Good, The Bad, and The Elven

Good news: Work gave everyone a 4-day weekend again.

Bad news: In an attempt to find a ride to the airport to surprise the Elf for her birthday, I could not find one in the usual places. Everyone was too worried about my finances.

The Elven: Told Elf about failed plans in attempt to make replacement plans. Lengthy, confusing discussion on "State of the Union" occured. Both of us are more confused now than before, though with more laundry aired out. Still have urge to jump on a plane. Debating going against Grandparents and flying out anyway so as to settle this face-to-face. (Not the greatest of lifestyle decisions. I may come back to find that my Grandma has thrown my bed out in the front lawn. ;P (For those not in the know, she wouldn't try, let alone be able to carry the mattress upstairs and out the front door.))