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Yay! Happy! Happy!

Elf is happier than usual, and things are going well. The past few days have reminded me why I'm with her. *swoonsmile* Yes, I'm male, and yes I swoon. Sue me!

Work is going fairly well. My workload is slowly increasing to something reasonable, since I've now pretty well fixed all the computers to the point that they quit breaking. I also found our problem with Samba, so hopefully if I can get it to work at home this week, we'll have a REAL server within the next month and a half, instead of a jury-rigged Windoze box. (Thanks, Xandros and the Samba team! And everyone else on the Kernel team / Debian project / GNU / etc.)

On game side, the Wookie (Yes, I'm going to go with general fantasy races now, since initials are just confusing.) has been powergaming AGAIN, this time even cheating on his character sheet, with more points than possible. So when I start showing up in a few weeks, it looks like I need an information broker smack-down character. Any ideas? I was going to play Malk, but there's already a Malk teaching at the local college. (Philosophy, no less.) They probably won't let me play Gangrel again, and I've been banned from Tremere (I study. Then tomorrow I study. Who cares about anything else, I'm a Treme, I'm studying. Hey, the GM's the one who handed me a library of "You've never seen any of these books before, but you've heard of some of them.") I need ideas. Oh, and the Toreador who warned me about the powergaming is already wanting to write up a True Brujah to replace the Tore when he goes Torp. Two Gangrel in the city already (One is the Wookie and his army of spying owls). HELP!

Well, must get ready to leave work. Must update journal more often. It helps me think.
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