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Had a rather vivid and odd dream this morning. The day since has been rather off...

Taking a tour of the national capitol. Wandered around vaguely mall-like marble hallways, finally stopping at the McDonald's inside. Senator who was leading the tour stopped, stood on a chair and called for everyone's attention. He announced that everyone on the tour were going to be in the "US Diversification Program" and as McDonald's food sped up the process, we all got free lunch.

I ordered a double Quarter-Pounder, and the person next to me got a salad. As we sat eating, the person next to me's ears started growing larger and more round. I thought nothing of this. My hands became more paw-like. Once again, I thought nothing of it. After we were done eating, he stood up and yelled "Down with the Mice! Rats are the superior breed!" Several mousy-looking people dove under the table. I grabbed the guy by the collar, pulling his fur in the process, slammed him into the wall and purred at him, "You look mighty tasty, Mr. Rodent. In a few hours here, you'll be well below me on the food chain. If you'd rather not be my supper, I suggest you get along with your brothers." and proceeded to throw him to the floor. I spent the next few hours watching everyone mingle and talk and become generally more anthromorphic, eyeing the rats as they glare at the mice and then me, and wishing the elf would hurry up and get there. (She used to live in D.C., years ago.)

Then the alarm rang.

Meanwhile, life is blah. I haven't heard from the elf since last Thursday, and then she was in a not-so-happy mood (to put it mildly). Band practice is tomorrow night, and I haven't touched my bass since the previous practice. My happiness at being full-time is waning, since lately I'm having a hard time finding things to keep me busy at 25 hours a week, and I doubt things will change in just 4 weeks. Genie is being slowly destroyed by the friend I sold her to, and the Olds is still just a machine... No personality at all.

M comes back from Canada next Monday, though. At least I'll have someone "new" to hang out with for a while. Even if the reasons for her being back aren't wonderful, and we won't be 'together', just hanging out, it's a change of pace from normal.

Oh, and is 106 spams between 3PM yesterday and 4PM today too many?
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